About the author

Hi, I’m Helen.  I’m not a published author of anything yet, but I am a writer!  I am a story teller!

I write because I’m inspired to write.

I write because it encourages me, and that in turn inspires me to write more.

I write because what else can I do when I am woken at 3am with a story in my head that won’t let me go back to sleep until I’ve written it down.

I am a writer, and so this writer must write.

Between the years 2000 to 2015 I made 8 trips to Africa doing volunteer missions in Zambia, Uganda and Mozambique.  So I certainly have my share of stories to tell from the most hilarious massage experience to the less than hilarious bed bugs, to the near death experience of carbon monoxide poisoning.  And then there’s the ‘Tavi stories’ …. an abandoned toddler I had the privilege of caring for as I transitioned him from a hospital malnourishment ward to a children’s home.

You can read more about my African adventures (8 boxes) here soon.

helenpowellpens is a collection of short stories that draw a connection between ‘the everyday’ with that of a deeper level of thought.

helenpowellpens is inspired by my spiritual guide, my higher source – God!

You can read the prophecy I received, to see why I believe this to be true.

In short, when a man who has never met you tells you things that you have NEVER shared with anyone, but you KNOW to be true, that experience makes you sit up and take notice.  That said, my own insecurities about my writing meant it would be another 15 years before I would do anything with those stories….

And when I finally did, I got knocked back by 3 or 4 publishers, and in my discouragement put my writing ‘back on the shelf’ til I could work out what to do next.

All the while I still kept writing new stories as they came to me, even though I had no idea if they would ever go any further than my laptop

Now another 5 years on, and here I am…..

I have been a nurse for 26 years and currently work in the field of anaesthetics.

I’m single again…. because for me, sadly marriage didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.

I’m a minimalist…. because sometimes… having less is more! For me, the more ‘stuff’ I have in my living space, equates to the more ‘stuff’ I have in my head space. I like to have ‘room to move.’  Anything beyond that is clutter, and I can’t function (at my best) with clutter.