Was the prophet right?

So I’m assuming you’ve read the prophecy . . . and he was so spot on! I guess that’s why he is a prophet.  A well known, internationally acclaimed, proven accurate, prophet.

This all happened at my Bible College graduation night.  It was January 1998, it was 43 degrees, and the air condiitioning was unable to cope.  My fellow graduants and I were all melting under our full graduation attire.

I’d never told anyone about my writing because I thought they were just stupid analogies, and sometimes I still think so. I got used to them interrupting my day at random times and places, but it sure didnt feel like a ‘gift’ when I was woken up at 3am (or anytime during my sleep), with a story in my head, that I would wrestle with and in the end have to get up (albeit reluctantly) to write it down.  Someone once told me I should have a pen and paper beside my bed to write them down at such times.  But I reckon that’s like an open invitation for them to enter my world of sleep.   Are you kidding me?!?!

Back in the early 90’s when I first realised the constant ongoing ‘invasion’ of my head space, I was a public transport user.  I’d be sitting on the tram staring out the window, thinking about nothing, just watching traffic and shops go by, and suddenly I’d see something, or just get a random thought. There would be a persistent nagging to capture that moment in a photo, or to write the words of that random thought down.  I missed so many moments, so many stories, just because in the beginning I didnt recognise the meaning of it all.  But now experience has taught me that sometimes the analogy  comes later.  But when I dont take that photo in the moment, or write that thought down … Im kicking myself later, as I cant always recreate that moment with an alternate picture, or remember the thought as clearly as I first had it. 

Ultimately, I ended up with an A4 manilla envelope full of shopping docket receipts, atm receipts, and other random pieces of paper with a line, a story, or a thought scribbled on it.  That’s where it was at as of Jan 1998 . . . the prophet said I had a book of ideas, and I thought . . . “Ah no, all I have is a folder full of random bits of paper.”