What the prophet said:

Helen, welcome to the great adventure.  You think your journey started awhile ago.  Well I’m telling you it’s just starting now, and God is going to be faithful.

Philippians 1 verse 6 says:  “God is going to be faithful to bring to completion that which He started in your life and He started something that’s good and He will finish it!

You have the greatest creative force living within you… You don’t have to look anywhere else for insight or creativity because it’s all there.

Dig deep…  and you will come up with the most incredible ideas and you already have. In fact you’ve got a book somewhere that you’ve written with lots of different ideas and I’m telling you something, don’t you let your pragmatic, practical, box – thinking mind, melancholic mind, lock out one bit of the dream and the vision that God has given you.

God has sometimes woken you up at night, given you a great idea and you’ve written it down and the next day you’ve said “Oh that’s too impractical”

Start dreaming of the most creative, unbelievable things….  I’m sharing with you things that only you know.  You start dreaming and God will give you the ability.

He’ll put the people around you; He’ll build the people around you and put you in the right environment to see those things come to pass.”