Behind the scenes.

Over the years I’ve been to a number of theatre productions.  I love it for the atmosphere, the creativity in the costumes, the stage props and ultimately the storyline itself.  As the audience we only see what happens on the stage.  But behind the scenes – backstage – there is a whole team of people doing what’s required to make sure the play goes on as it was written.

Last year I went to see the Lion King, and how appropriate that I had just arrived home after living in Africa for a year.  I particularly loved the head pieces of Mufasa and Scar.  So elaborate, creative in their invention, and the way in which they moved gave them a degree of expression that I never would have thought possible from a head piece.  I was mesmerised by their moving parts, and how they were built.  They seemingly had life, if that is possible?

At one point during the production, I noticed Scar was not wearing his head piece in that scene.  I concluded that it must have broken somehow, and that backstage behind the scenes, someone (maybe even a team of people) were working to repair the headpiece, ready for him to wear again in the next scene.  However, the show must go on, and so for this scene, Scar would have to improvise and do without it.

Scar wasn’t worrying about the team fixing his head piece.  He knew that was in their hands, and he trusted that ‘behind the scenes’ they were onto it, even though he couldn’t see that they were actively onto it!  But what was important for him to do was to play his part of Scar on stage, so that the show would go on for those of us who were watching.  And then at the right time, (which turned out to be the next scene), Scar re-entered the stage wearing his headpiece, repaired.

I have no idea what happened behind the scenes, but I can only imagine, that due to that unexpected situation, there was probably a little panic initially, then some quick thinking, followed by some creative repairs to bring a solution to the situation.

This got me to thinking about life itself and those unexpected situations that take us by surprise.  Speaking for myself, I have to remember, that while I’m surprised, and initially panicked, trying to find a solution to the situation, God is NEVER surprised, or panicked (as He already knew).  Because of His knowing, then I have to assume He must also have a plan with a solution, for that situation.

So I have to actively choose to trust God and believe He is working on my behalf ‘behind the scenes’ to fix what is damaged or broken.  If I don’t, then I will worry myself into a spin.  In life sometimes things need to be adjusted, or repaired, then when the repairs are done, and at the right time, they can be re-introduced.

In the meantime though . . . the ‘show’ that is life, must go on.  Because there is a story to be told, and no matter who you are, there is always somebody watching to see how your ‘show’ unfolds.

Just because we can’t see God actively on the job, or we can’t see any visible changes happening in the situation, doesn’t mean things aren’t moving and shifting ‘behind the scenes’ in the unseen world.

Be encouraged to remember that God is working ‘behind the scenes’ in your situation, to make sure everything turns out okay.  It might not turn out the way you think, but it will still turn out okay, maybe even better than you thought.  In the meantime:

Be patient. Everything is coming together.


All things are possible for the one who believes. Mark 9:23

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