The pepper grinder 

The pepper grinder holds whole pepper granules, that must go through the grinder on the way to the plate of food in order to enhance and add flavour. To put whole pepper granules on your meal would be unpalatable.  

Likewise in life … 
We are all on a journey, working ourselves out, living life, making mistakes, learning lessons, seeking to improve ourselves so as to be a better person. 
It’s the never ending process of moving through the grinder, for more and more refining. 
We all carry thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, that must go through the grinder ‘challenge’ on the way to the plate of ‘daily influence’ that is life. We all want to ‘enhance and add flavour’ through our influence, to those we encounter.  
But when we step away from the grinder process, any negative thoughts, beliefs or attitudes can influence our words and actions, thereby potentially adding a negative flavour to those we encounter in our day… making the experience unpalatable.
In saying this, we don’t all like the same seasonings on our food, and so likewise we don’t all have to hold the same thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. That’s the beauty of being able to have your own opinion, (rightly or wrongly in the mind of others), it’s yours to have and to own. 
But regardless of our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, we can all apply the same gold standard. That is to put those thoughts, attitudes and beliefs through the grinder process, resulting in a positive palatable expression of words and actions on those who are the recipients.  
And when all else fails,  apply the following: 

If you cant say /do something nice,  then don’t say / do anything at all. 

Be like that of ground pepper . . . because the refined you is the best you that you can be!  

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