The little red boat. 

​Today as I was walking along Nelson Place, Williamstown after having had lunch at the Groove Train, I was turning into Ferguson St, when the boats on the water called me over.  

In particular, a little red one caught my eye. So I detoured right instead of left, crossed the road and walked along the pier where I took this pic. It was one of those pics, I knew I had to take … 

Putting thoughts and feelings into words, now four hours later, here’s the reason … 

Somehow I felt connected to the little red boat … maybe just because I was wearing red jeans?

I thought about that little red boat and how it was moored close to the shore, when it was obviously made for bigger things out at sea. That little red boat amongst so many other boats floating on the water, feeling the wind, rocking, but not doing anything, just each being a boat. Some small, some big. Some with a mast, some without. But all were secured underneath by some sort of cable, anchor, or line (unseen but obviously so) so as not to drift out to sea. 

Thinking … Hmm …
We all need to be ‘moored’ close to the shore at times.  Not doing anything, just being who we are. Secured underneath by that which keeps us from drifting.  
Then when the weather is right, the cables will be released, the anchor lifted, the lines cut, and the Master of each boat will take us out to sea to do that which we were made for. (Whatever that might look like for those of us who are not a boat, and regardless of past adventures.)

But until such a time, there is only one thing to do, and that is to be. Just be!   Float a little, feel the wind, rock with it, but don’t do anything other than be you. But in being you, don’t just be like all the other boats. Be like the little red boat, and draw people to you by the expression of who you are. 

When your Master has you moored, remember: You don’t have to go somewhere, You don’t have to do something, But you can always be someone, right where you are, who stands out amongst others, drawing people to you. 

Be a little red boat to the world moving around you.  

4 thoughts on “The little red boat. 

  1. I read your articles Helen but I don’t often comment.. still I want you to know that I really enjoy your insights. You are a gifted writer and very true to yourself just like the little red boat. In fact when I read the words I can hear you speaking. God is really using you to minister to others through your words & wisdom. Continue being you.. Well doing!

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