What I learnt from being unwell. 

​Recently I had some issues with dizziness, nausea and vomiting which was thought to be due to a viral infection going around. But after further investigation it was found to be due to tension in my neck, back and shoulders. So I’m now seeing a physio to resolve the problem. 

While walking home after a physio session where we had discussed the abnormal curvatures in my spine due to mild schermanns, mild scoliosis, and some kyphosis of my thoracic spine which contributes to my poor posture, a thought bomb dropped: “It’s time to get serious about your walk.” 

I’ve always known about these conditions, and at various times I’ve   done stretches for awhile. I’ve also been taught how to walk taller, stronger, better to minimise the resulting limitations, but I just don’t stick to the program.  And so eventually pain occurs that ultimately points back to the original problem. 

Sooo … what about you? 

Where are you at?  

Is it time to get serious about your walk? Be it your physical walk, your faith walk, or your life walk.  

To be the person you want to be, to reach the goals you want to reach, you need to ‘walk’ well. 

In life we need to constantly be stretched in who we are, so as to  continually grow towards who we want to be.   
In life sometimes we also need to be taught how to walk taller, stronger, better, so as to remove the conscious and subconscious limitations we put on ourselves. 

In our not sticking to the program we are repeatedly held back by the same original problem.  Be it low self esteem, lack of determination,  or some other negative issue, it’s not helping us in the long term and if left unaddressed will just permit the conditions to exacerbate, thereby making them more and more difficult to correct as time goes by.  
Dire Straits have a song ‘Walk of life.’ As I read through the words, I know this is not the intended meaning, but I’m taking writer’s liberty with the last verse:

“And after all the violence and double talk, there’s just a song in all the trouble and the strife, you do the walk, you do the walk of life.”

I think the negative way some of us talk to ourselves (sub consciously and even consciously) could be compared to that of self abuse (violent) and double talk. But that’s the ‘song’ we sometimes sing to ourselves, and negativity does bring trouble and strife.  And as a result that ‘song’ determines our walk, and can affect our walk through life.  

The singer mentioned in the song lyrics is said to perform “down in the tunnels, trying to make it pay”, which is a reference to busking in the subway. But with my writer’s liberty I see it this way: sometimes we need to get out of the ‘tunnel of our isolated thinking’ and out into ‘the light of day where we are exposed to a new way of thinking’ in order to change our ‘life performance’. 

If life is not ‘paying up’ for you, then maybe it’s time to review your walk.  So you can “do the walk, the walk of life”... that you dream of, that you were made for!  

Here’s another thought … I learnt from my spine assessment that by walking incorrectly I’m exerting 140% EXTRA force on my physical self. 
If you’re not ‘walking’ correctly, how much unnecessary extra force are you exerting on yourself because you’re not “doing the walk, the walk of life” the way you were made to? 

It’s just a thought … 😉

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