The logo of life . . .

A few weeks back I registered a new business and so with that now comes the deciding on a logo and business cards.  So I outsourced this task to a graphic designer.  I’m told the first step is to decide on a logo.  And once that is finalised, then go on to design a business card.  So after explaining what my business is and my style of taste, the graphic designer sent me three concepts to consider.

Initially I struggled (with fear) to even open up the attachments to see what she had designed.  What if I didn’t like any of them?  Could I be bold enough to say so?  Or would I end up settling for something less than I was happy with?

Then after opening the file . . . while I liked certain aspects of each of the three concepts (each for different reasons), none of them really grabbed me.  Why?  Because I had to choose one!  And I could see that in my choosing, each logo design would limit (because of its design), the design of the business card.  How?  Because I have to choose a colour theme, which then rules out other colour options.  I have to choose a style, but which style?  I don’t want the business card to be overcrowded, but then how do I decide if it is or not?  If the logo is detailed then maybe the design of the business card should be simple?  Or should I make the logo simple and the business card detailed?  And yet ultimately, I just want my business to be known for what it’s about, so that it draws the right people to me.  I had just three logo concepts to choose from, but it felt as if each concept held a hundred different possibilities of business card designs.  How do I make a decision on the hundreds I can’t see, with the three that I can see.  I found myself wanting to know what the final result of the business card might look like for each logo, before I could decide on any one particular logo.  I did not want my choice of one logo to rule out the other possibilities of a business card I might have had, if I had chosen a different logo.  I know that in choosing one logo, the other two logos would be put aside, and work on the business card for the logo I had chosen would begin.  But I didn’t want to rule out what might have been, even though I had no idea of what could have been, or would have been, if I had chosen one of the other logos.  Couldn’t I choose the logo based on the business card?  I might fall in love with any one of the logos, if I know what it looks like on the business card as a finished product?

Then I saw what all this indecision and confusion was about?
Life!  And how do I trust my choices? 

“How is this about life?” you might ask.  Well, let me explain.  If the ‘logo’ is who we are, and the resulting life that we live is the ‘business card’ . . .  in thinking about the ‘logo of you’ and your ‘business card of life’, you decide if you can relate.

I can’t recall what other ‘logos of me’ I had that I didn’t choose, but the ‘logo’ that stood out to me in my early 20’s, that I did choose was the Africa logo.  To be a missionary, a volunteer in Africa, working with orphaned children.  That was my heart beat!  I didn’t struggle with making that choice at all!  I jumped in at every step that the door was opened to me, and went with it.  A couple of times doors closed and I had to walk away, other times they opened (or reopened) and I stepped on through.  I never thought, or even perceived that the Africa logo had limitations on it, because I fully believed it was the one to run with.  I saw colour, style, what it was about, and the people I would connect with.  But in hindsight, if I had seen the whole story, known the resulting ‘business card of life’ that would come (in my perception) as a result of choosing the ‘Africa logo’, I have often wondered if I should have chosen a different logo for me.  If I could have chosen the beginning, based on knowing the end result. To have been able to make my decisions back then, based on what it looked like in the future, which is now.

But then would that have truly been the ‘logo of me’ . . . the choice that I make based on the outcome that I like or want. Rather than the choice that I make based on who I am, not knowing what the outcome would be?  What’s to say that any other ‘logo of me’ would have turned out with a better outcome, than the outcome that I got, with the logo I chose?  There’s no guarantee, only that which I perceive.

It’s about perception and ‘what we know we got with our choice’ compared to ‘what we think we would have got with another choice.’

But then it’s also about (and more importantly so) choosing who you are, over what you do. To be true to oneself, is more important than what you do, even if within that choice, you’re not doing what you hoped to be doing.  To be true to oneself regardless of the outcome, because that is who you are.  And because you stood up in who you are, you stand out in that space that is yours.

So choose your logo first, and your business card second.  Your logo tells of who you are, and your business card then compliments that logo, advertising more of what you do, with details of how to find you.  Just as I’m putting my business cards out in places and spaces where they can reach and connect me with those I’m meant to reach, I believe that when we know the ‘logo of who we are’, our ‘business card of life’ compliments and advertises that, drawing the right people around us that we’re meant to reach.  While your logo may be adjusted as you grow and expand, it should still be the logo that tells of who you are.  Your business card (regardless of what it looks like) then continues to compliment and advertise your logo, connecting others to you.

The ‘business card of life’
It doesnt limit you in the ‘logo of who you are’,
But it does define for others the ‘logo of who you are’.

Is your ‘business card of life’
complimenting and advertising
the ‘logo of who you are?’

So let go of what you perceive would have been, or might have been, and hold on tight to who you are, what you choose, and who you want to be through growth and expansion, because within that, is who you were made to be. Choose the ‘logo of you’ that is your heartbeat. Trust The Master of Graphic Designers, and see the resulting ‘business card’ of life that compliments and advertises you, because of who you are.

Choosing your logo first,
then guides the direction of your business card.
Just as
Knowing who you are first,
then gives direction to what you do.

And there’s a flip side!  In the midst of all these decisions about which logo to choose, I sought the advice of a friend on my dilemma, and she pointed out the fact that a business card has two sides (which we all know).  And so I realised the logo could be on one side, and the flip side could be all the details.  Likewise in life.  The logo is what it is . . . a statement in itself of who we are . . . and then on the flip side we get to define the details of what that looks like . . . thereafter is the unknown of how far we will reach . . . and who we will reach.

And so without knowing the end result that I wanted to know . . . the logo I’ve chosen is better than I could have imagined.  And the business card as a whole with the details being on the flip side is not limited by design, but rather it is in line with the logo, as it reflects what the logo is about.  Thereafter is the unknown . . . but let’s see how that unfolds, and how far it reaches out . . .


Choose the logo that is you!
That you may then
Live the life that reflects you!
And if it’s not what you expected?
Adjust accordingly so that
The ‘logo of you’ is still being reflected!

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