More than just sand . . .

Last week while sitting in a cafe . . . a friend had just shared the below pic on fb …. immediately I had a few thoughts of how this parallels with us … so I screen shot the post … then I thought to google it to see if it’s actually true … before I posted my thoughts.  A few minutes later I went back in to fb to refer to the post, but I couldn’t find it.  So I checked my friend’s home page and it’s not there?  Hmm . . . seemingly it popped up just for me in that moment.  So in the event that it might encourage someone ‘out there’, as it did me . . . here’s my thoughts . . .

If we are all grains of sand:
1) We all seem to be the same on the surface, but we are not.
2) It’s when we are magnified, that the fullness of who we are, and all our unique qualities are then seen.
3) Magnified or not. Nothing has changed. It’s the difference between knowing who you are versus your perception of who you are. Same same like tiny grains of sand versus unique and different as sand truly is under magnification.

Magnification exposes our differences to be seen, identified and recognised versus the unmagnified that leaves us unseen, unidentified and unrecognised as anyone different from anyone else.  We all seek to be: seen, identified and recognised for who we are.
But even when we are unseen, unidentified and unrecognised for who we are, we still are all that we are!  And it is from the truth of knowing who we are, that we have so much more to offer regardless of what is expected, perceived or believed to be so.
So regardless of what others see or don’t see … you must choose to see all that you are (as you magnified, in all your uniqueness), in order to be the best you that you can be.

You are more significant than you think you are!

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