Skin Hunger

Some weeks back while scrolling through social media, I came across an advert, a Doctor/Author looking for people experiencing ‘skin hunger’ as a result of the current restrictions and isolation due to the pandemic, who were willing to share their story.

That was the first time I had heard of the term ‘skin hunger’ but I identified with it . . . thinking “Is that what I am experiencing?” ‘It’ actually has a name! And so I sent a message to find out more.

As a single person living alone, no children and no pets, I knew that as a result of the first lot of ‘contact restrictions’ apart from missing the intentional hugs, Hi5’s and so on, I was also missing the ability to be my usual self in mucking around, giving a shoulder bump or a physical ribbing here and there. It took me a little while to remember that such things are no longer acceptable in this time, and so there were many awkward moments where my approach was met with an awkward facial expression, a hand up gesture of ‘back off,’ or a quick leap back to increase the distance between us. Then I’d remember, and apologise. Doh !!! Now I think it’s sealed in my memory bank.

So began the journey with Doctor and Author Evelyn Lewin as she interviewed me via phone for the article. At first I struggled to articulate my thoughts and feelings into words. I felt like there were a number of long awkward silences before I was able to get my answer out . . . but we did it. Then the editing process back and forth via email to ensure that her written words reflected the truth of my spoken words. And now, here we are with the article published and in print . . .

To read the article as featured in the Sunday Life Magazine (The Age) on August 16th, click on the link below.

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