An Iso Adventure

This all started out as a way to make walks with Miss 7 a little more exciting, and while it’s different to my usual style of post, I decided to share it anyway.

I have a friend (new to Australia in January of last year: 2019) who is a single parent mum of a 7 year old. In this time of isolation and all its restrictions, living in neighbouring suburbs has meant that we have been able to continue our regular catch-ups in the form of the allowed 1 hour of exercise. And it’s been great for all of us, especially for me!

Then one day I had an idea that while mum can’t leave Miss 7 alone to go for a walk, I could take Miss 7 for a walk as just the two of us. Then mum could have an hour to herself, which I imagine every parent needs at some point.

But as we had found on our walks as the three of us, while mum and I enjoyed the exercise, Miss 7 was not always so keen (even with her bike or scooter), especially when confronted with playgrounds wrapped in tape. In my wanting Miss 7 to enjoy our time together, I felt the need to make our 1 hour out (which could only be for exercise), somehow into an adventure.

Then came the idea (it must have been divine inspiration, because in all my years of working with children, I’ve never done this before) for each of us to have a small box and find 5 things to fit in it. Then with those 5 things, we create a story out of them to share with each other the following week.

It was Miss 7’s choice that we should each create a story out of our own box, as opposed to swapping boxes. And so we went walking about the streets of her suburb, chatting about all sorts of things, while we looked for things we could fit in our boxes, to then use in our story. It was an hour of discovery and exploring our imaginations.

In the week ahead while I had initially planned to use photos, I decided I should stay on equal playing ground with Miss 7, get over my inability to draw, and buy myself a packet of coloured pencils. And so began my own story telling adventure with my own ‘artwork’ of which the perfectionist within struggles with sharing for so many reasons. But so be it . . . it was never about the artwork. And so I’ve called this writing adventure (for however many times we ‘create’ it):

Outta the box!

Once upon a time there were three friends:One Two and Three. They were best of friends, always together.

They would often walk down to their favourite spot to sit under Pinky the pink peppercorn tree and enjoy the shade. Under Pinky the pink peppercorn tree was Lorry the log.

And so One, Two and Three would bring Green Leaf blanket with them, to spread out on the ground near Lorry the log, where they would sit. One and Two loved to sit on Green Leaf blanket while leaning their backs against Lorry the log, enjoying the shade while sitting under Pinky the pink peppercorn tree. Three, well he loved to just lay on Green Leaf blanket while looking up at the pink peppercorns hanging above, and looking at his friends as they all talked.

On this day, another boy came walking by. He didn’t look like them at all, and while he wasn’t one of their friends, they knew him as Rocky. Rocky was by himself. So One, Two and Three moved along Lorry the log and invited Rocky to sit with them, to join in their conversation.

What would Rocky do?

So Rocky choosing to accept their invitation, sat down on Green Leaf blanket, leaning his back against Lorry the log, under the shade of Pinky the pink peppercorn tree.

And so the four boys talked and laughed and told each other stories as they all sat on Green Leaf blanket, against Lorry the log, while enjoying the shade of Pinky the pink peppercorn tree. And that’s how friends are made . . .

The End!

In finishing sharing my story with Miss 7, she loved it! Especially my drawings, with such comments as: “Wow! They (the three friends) look just like them!” and “You can draw really good! You should be an artist!” I laughed out loud, but appreciated her sincere tone saying: “You really think so?” I have however decided not to pursue such artistic expression, but instead to stick with words and writing. Lol !

Introducing the original cast members:

One, Two and Three 3 friends always together – haha !
Pinky the pink peppercorn tree and Lorry the log (because lorries carry logs).
Good times with Green Leaf blanket!
Introducing Rocky!
The making of new friends!

Stay tuned for Miss 7 and her story coming soon! My very first guest! Miss 7 has accepted my invitation to launch her own story writing here on my blog platform. I’m so excited, as I believe you’re going to love it! There’s a message within it, from a child’s perspective, which I think will encourage you in this time of isolation.

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