Another iso adventure:

I love this story by a friend’s daughter: Miss 7. It is the result of our hanging out under iso restrictions, by way of a weekly walk for an hour of exercise. We started this idea of finding 5 things that fit into a small box, to then create a story out of them.
NB: in editing Miss 7’s story, it was an insightful lesson for me as to how my own editors might feel when I as an author want to keep a sentence a certain way, but they see a better way. So through the process of discussion, I was allowed to expand (a word here and there) on the original story for the purpose of clarifying context, thereby making it an easier read. And then so as to honour the way Miss 7 wanted her story to be read, I had to put aside my own OCD-ness (and as my editors do with me) love that she is comfortable enough to be able to say: “No, I want to leave it like that.” And so I did. Here’s her story . . . .

Outta The Box:


Problem: They have to find Emotion Rock
Solution: If they find the rock the world would feel emotions.
Setting: cave, woods.
Characters: Raspberry Tree, Daisy the Flower, Emotion Rock, Yellow Hairy Torch, and Honey Flower.

Once upon a time there was a mad world with no emotions and colours. People were sad and grey, which was not good.

One day Daisy the Flower was walking down the hill and caught a magic note flying around the air and it said out loud: “You need to go on a mission to make the world happy and with colours, but you need back up. So you need to find Emotion Rock. It is in the one and only cave, but be careful because there are traps. Do you want to save the world?”

So Daisy the Flower went to get her friends Raspberry Tree and Honey Flower as her back up to go on the mission. They packed some supplies and began their mission. Then they walked through the forest and found the deep dark cave. Daisy the Flower took Yellow Hairy Torch and they all looked around the deep dark cave. But they had to be careful because just as the magic note had said, there were a lot of traps.

Then they saw Emotion Rock and it was beautiful, but there was a giant bear lying between them. But he was sleeping. So Honey Flower distracted the giant bear with a pot of her delicious honey, and he continued to sleep (as the pot of honey sat by his nose), licking his lips dreaming he was eating it. This gave Raspberry Tree the time needed to get Emotion Rock and then get out of the cave.

Then they spread all the emotions and colours of Emotion Rock around the world. The world was happy and with colours for one more time.

The original cast members

The End !

Check out next week’s post to read about the conversation I had with Camila as we explored her ideas behind her story, and what that revealed . . .

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