What are you hanging for?

It was back in March earlier this year while at a client’s home working as a cleaner that I had a moment of reflection. On this particular day, I had noticed a load of clothes still in the washing machine. While my usual duties are only to fold and put away when dry, I decided to hang this wet load out anyway. It was while hanging out the washing, that I remembered a thought, a prayer, from a few days earlier …. thinking and praying about if and when a time would come where I would once again stand outside in my own backyard, with the warmth of the sun beaming down on my back, while hanging my clothes out on a real clothesline.

For the last 8 years I have lived in apartment buildings without a clothes line. So when it came to drying my clothes it was either inside looking like a Chinese laundry, on a clothes horse outside on my small undercover balcony, or in a tumble dryer at the local laundromat. It’s a small thing, a very random thing to have a hankering for, but that’s how it was.

Now on this day while working at my client’s home, I realised that day had come. While they weren’t my clothes on my line, in my backyard, it still felt unbelievably great to enjoy the activity of hanging out the washing.

While I appreciated it for the opportunity, moreso because it reaffirmed my thoughts and prayers are heard from above, I wondered was this the fullness of that, or was this just the beginning of more to come? This was the ‘spark of hope’ for more . . .

As the saying goes:
An attitude of gratitude determines your altitude.

Who knew … that just 4 months later, I would make the tree change move, from city to country, into a stand alone unit, with my own frontyard, driveway, and backyard, including my very own clothesline – albeit a small one.

Due to all the rain, my clothesline was only a thing to admire from my kitchen window while doing the dishes. But I knew the day would come, sooner or later, when I would have the right weather to use it. So I did as much as I could to be ready for THAT day. I had a friend tighten the line, I de-cobwebbed and wiped it down, and put a table off to the side, ready to put my washing basket on. It was ready for use . . . now I just needed the right weather.

And that day finally arrived …. a month ago now …. and it was awesome, for the fullness of the experience (and all those to come), but mostly to be able to reflect back on the journey of how far my thoughts, my prayers, had come.

What thoughts are you thinking?

What prayers are you praying?

Be they positive or negative,
they influence your journey with variable impact,
and resulting effect.

It’s just a thought . . . and maybe something to think about . . .

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