The game of fear.

We all have fears to varying degrees and for varying reasons.
Some are real and justified, others are based in our perception.
But when fear stops us from living and loving life in the way we would like to,
then I believe it’s in our best interest to confront it.

And so I start with the challenge here:

Never let the fear of ______________

Keep you from __________________

What game (aspect of life) is fear stopping you from playing?

In the same way succesful athletes use tactical skills (strategic mental abilities) to win games and competitions, so too fear has its own tactical skills that it uses in the negative effect on our mental abilities.

That’s why I call fear a ‘game player’ . . .
because it plays the game of ‘scare tactics’
in an attempt to keep us from our best game.

In each of our situations, we are the only one who can decide when we will make the choice to stand in the face of fear, and decide that it is time to get out on the ‘field’ . . . pick up that ‘bat’ . . . and give it our best shot!

Speaking for myself . . . my ‘bat’ is my ‘pen’ as I’ve not been ‘pen’ ing as much as I’d like to.

What is your ‘bat’ ?

Is it time to pick it up ?

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