Dont let the ‘barbs’ deter you.

In 2003 this was the fenceline between us and our neighbours.  3 rows of barbed wire running across the top of an old paling fence.  My first thought was to question why barbed wire was necessary in an inner city residential suburb.  My second thought was towards that single pink rose.

A flower in the barbed wire.

That single rose, deep in colour and fully blossomed stands alone on the branch.  It is unique!  For this branch is the only one to battle the barbs, and still produce something beautiful.  Facing the challenges, it grew where none other dared to grow.  It wove its way through the wire, onto our side of the fence where the rose blossomed and displayed itself in its fullness for us to enjoy.

How many of us would have given up at such a challenge of equivalent risk in our own lives.  The rose is an example that no matter the difficulties one might come across in life, we can still choose to go on (or not).

So be encouraged not to let the ‘barbs’ of life deter you from where you want to go, even when it seems the most difficult path to take.  Find a way to get beyond the ‘barbs’ and not only will you see something beautiful for your effort, but others will get to enjoy it and benefit from your determination and perseverance as well.


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