Scrabble friends

It was February 10th, 2009 and I wanted to send a card for Valentine’s Day to a friend to express how much I appreciated her friendship over the years.  So, unable to come up with anything myself, I asked God to give me something that would sum up what her friendship meant to me.  This was the result . . .



In a game of Scrabble, the letters Q, X and Z are the hardest to use and yet they carry the highest value of 10, 8 and 10.  In the game, I’d rather have letters with lesser value because at least I’ll have a better chance of being able to put them on the board to add to my score.  But when it comes to friends, Id rather have a Q, an X or a Z because the value they carry in themselves for who they are, is worth far more than any score I could get on a Scrabble board.

In life we have many friends and acquaintances along the way, be they for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  In any case, those that have influenced and impacted my life journey through the tough times, and for the better are the friends I consider my Q’s, X’s and Z’s.  Such friendships can be hard to find.  But when you do, they’re well worth hanging on to, because of who they are in themselves, and as a result, what they have to offer in the friendship.

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