All about you!

This week I have thought much about, and even been a little bit anxious about, what I would write.  I haven’t prepared a photo for any of my former writings, and I haven’t got anything new.
But then on Friday, I think I got it.  It’s not anything profound, but I found myself thinking about it for much of the day, and then I dismissed it as ‘not any good’ which (from the prophecy) is my reminder not to do that.  So here it is:

While cleaning my bathroom, I noticed the water in the shower drain pipe was high, so it must be time to do that disgusting task of hair extraction again. On closer inspection, there didn’t seem to be much accumulated in the grate,  but I started the process anyway.
It’s a grosse duty, the worst of all domestic duties, but it has to be done. But the slippery, slimy hair strands were not going to let go of the grate easily. So if this task was going to be successful, it was time to find an implement to help with the process.
The only implement available to me was a pair of tweezers. And so I continued in my pursuit of clearing the drain pipe.
After clearing the grate, I delved a little deeper, with tweezers I could go where fingers couldn’t (and shouldn’t, unless I want a visit from the paramedic team).
Ewwww!!! there I discovered the deeper you delve, the more you discover the problem is bigger than you could see on the surface.
I don’t need to tell you about how much more I pulled out of the drain pipe. And given the water level has dropped, but is still visible, I guess the problem is still not completely resolved and may be a job for a tradie.
So, disgusting as it is … this solves the problem of not having a photo, because no one wants a photo of ‘that.’  Possibly no one wants a story about it either, but you don’t get a say in that, other than if you choose not to read on.

In life there are many areas that can become blocked, and thus we need to confront them and have a ‘clean out’ from time to time. Be it our shower, our diet, our home, bad attitudes, or negative self beliefs, they all need to be addressed.  The sooner we do it, the sooner we will have control over that area, and also be more effective in that area. And better to address the problem quickly (at a surface level) before it becomes so deep, it’s a job for a professional.

Like my shower drain, it might be an ugly process. It might not let go easily. And it may well require tools and professional resources to help complete the task. But if we commit to completing the process,  the day will come that we are more effective in that area, and all the better for it.
So be encouraged to look after you as a priority, to confront and clean out what ever needs to be addressed, so you can be the best you, that only you can be.

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