Not just a bar table.

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to do up my balcony.  To make it my little piece of outside heaven with my pent house views.  A place to sit outside with the city views before me as I read a book,  enjoy brekky, or just to sit back and breathe!
So since then, I’ve bought 2 bar chairs so that I can sit at a level higher than the balcony railing to be able to see my spectacular city skyline.  But I’m still on the hunt for a small bar table.
So I’ve been searching various Op Shops in the hopes of finding something cheap.  I’ve also googled it, and looked on gum tree (where I found the chairs) but nothing, and it seems Ikea is my best and cheapest second option.
On Saturday morning as I was preparing to visit another series of Op Shops, I felt somewhat discouraged (and even a little bit anxious) about my continuing search for this bar table. The time spent going from one shop to another.  The fuel spent driving here and there. Only to then be disappointed. I considered the easier option, the quickest option,  of just going to Ikea and buying it brand new.
But then a thought whispered:

“It’s not just about the table, but about the other things you find along the way.”

I know that’s true because the past ‘Op Shop hopping’ has found me 7 pairs of jeans (I’ve NEVER owned so many), a new pair of shoes, a jacket, and some wall art for my balcony. So I decided to make my focus about the exploring,  and if I discover a bar table along the way,  then that would be great too. I immediately felt better,  the pressure to find a bar table was off!

At the first Op Shop, I pulled up in front of the store, and there it was …  staring at me … a mannequin with a dark green sweater on and I thought “I’ve gotta have that sweater.” I entered the store and asked the shop assistant if I could try it on, and of course she was like “Sure! Help yourself.” I actually thought she might get it for me,  but apparently not, and so I undressed the mannequin in the store window. As a nurse I’ve undressed a lot of bodies, but this would be my first mannequin …. thankfully she had a shirt on underneath, so there was no situation of indecent exposure in the shop window.  The sweater was a perfect fit, and for $6, a total bargain.
Then I found 2 chipboard posters with the quotes:

live for today hope for tomorrow


if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

Perfect to use as outdoor art on my balcony wall.  At $4 each another bargain.
Then it was time to move on to the next store.  There I found a corduroy jacket I love, and a rather unique watch, which is another story for another post.

Then onto the third store,  which I couldn’t find and so there ended my journey for today.  No bar table as yet, but none the less quite an enjoyable day with some unexpected purchases along the way.

I contemplated how much today’s exploring is like life … my life. And maybe you can relate?
You have a life plan.  You believe it’s your purpose and your destiny. But then it doesn’t turn out the way you believed it would.
Anxiety kicks in as we all know we only have one chance at life … so don’t mess it up.  But then I’m reminded it’s not just about the destination point I had expected.  It’s about all the other things along the way.  The people I met. The friends I made. The lives I impacted. The lives that impacted me.
And so while the destination point (thus far) hasn’t turned out as I expected, I also wouldn’t be without those unexpected ‘other things’ I found along the way.  Because they make me who I am today.

So be encouraged to enjoy the journey, on the way to your destination.  And if the destination point isn’t yet what you expected, that’s okay … you’re still breathing, so it’s not over yet.
But also in taking the time to enjoy the journey, you allowed other things to come your way. Things you might have missed out on, if you were blind to the journey, in your pursuit of the destination.

So remember: live for today (the journey)… and hope for tomorrow (the destination).

2 thoughts on “Not just a bar table.

  1. So true! I recently went to a talk by author Elizabeth Gilbert. She said people are told all the time ‘Follow your passion’, and that’s great if you know what it is, but a lot of us don’t. Instead, she recommended following our curiosity, and to trust that we had a reason why we’re curious about something. It may not lead to our passion, but it will make for an interesting life along the way.

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