The giraffe!


In theory a giraffe as tall as it is, after bending down to drink water from a source at ground level; should not then be able to lift its head up to stand, without passing out.

As we know, the heart is responsible for pumping blood around the body.  In the case of a giraffe this is easier to achieve when he is bent over than when he is standing tall – anything uphill is never easy!

So when the giraffe goes from bending down low to standing up tall he should in theory pass out.  Similar to someone who when getting up too fast, has to sit down again to gain their balance and then slowly get up.  So too the giraffe should have to get up very slowly to allow his heart to adjust to the raising of his head to such a height.  But he doesn’t!  He bends down to drink and then immediately stands upright when he is finished.  Because the way he is – is the way he was created.

Would God really create an animal so tall, that it would struggle to drink? One of the basic necessities of life?  No, God thought of everything!  The reason the giraffe does not pass out when transitioning from a low head height to a high head height is all in how he was created with:

1) an enlarged heart with thick walls making it a stronger pump to enable blood to be pumped up to the head (as much as 2 metres), overriding the force of downward pressure due to gravity.

2) valves in the main veins of the neck that control blood flow and thus blood pressure in the brain.

3) extra thick and elastic blood vessel walls that a) prevent a rupture due to the high blood pressure levels, and b) control blood flow during the transition.

4) a complex maze of small blood vessels at the base of the brain that holds and releases extra blood supply to the brain as required during transition.

5) the lower legs are also under pressure (due to the weight of fluid pressing down on them) and thus have a tight arrangement of ligaments and tendons that prevent too much blood from pouring into them.

If any one of these functions were to fail, the giraffe would not survive.

Likewise the way we are, is the way we were created.  Regardless of what people might say we should or shouldn’t be able to do, we were all created for a plan and a purpose.  So go ahead, reach for the dreams you have, knowing that the One who created you has built into you everything you need to fulfil them.  He equipped the giraffe!  And He has equipped you too.

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