The food we eat…

Last week I did a week of orientation into a new place of work.  This new place of work provides morning and afternoon tea every day.  A mix of hot snack food, cakes and fruit. 
Everyday I enjoyed this provision, and everyday it was the hot snack food and cake that I chose, never the fruit option. 
I rarely eat such food, and so by the end of the week I could see and feel the difference in my self. I had fallen back into some old eating habits. That then continued into the weekend … a large packet of chips with a DVD on Friday night.  An extra large block of chocolate with another DVD on Saturday night. Then sharing a slice of cheesecake with a friend this afternoon.  Then tonight while doing the groceries I threw a packet of chips in the trolley … then I put them back on the shelf … then I got caught out at the cookies … they never made it back to the shelf.  Okay I have to kick this bad old habit returned, before it gets completely out of control.  If I don’t, then ultimately I’m going to gain back those 9 kgs I’ve lost in the last 12 months.  A downward spiral I don’t want to take.

It’s time for some different choices. Healthy choices such as the fruit option, which is also there in front of me.

Thinking about how easy it was to fall back in to old eating habits, just because it was there in front of me, got me to thinking about eating habits of a different kind … the kind we feed our mind.

Even when we know it’s not healthy, we so easily fall into the trap of taking it.  It’s there in front of us through a comment, or a feeling as a result of a thought or an action.  And we so easily just take it, multiple times in a day, day after day, until it becomes an everyday thing. 
Even when we see how bad it makes us feel, we continue to eat it up, chew it over, and we gain weight in our head space. Which in turn impacts so many other areas of our life.  Weight that we are better off without. Weight we can avoid if we will make different choices – healthy choices. 

Why do we choose the unhealthy option over the healthy option?
Why are we quick to take on negative thinking over positive thinking? 

Make a decision to choose healthy. Lose the excess mental weight.

Because you have the ability to choose what you do and don’t feed yourself.
Don’t allow the downward spiral to happen.

No one is ‘force feeding’ you. 

But maybe we need to ‘force feed’ ourselves on the positive option, until it becomes the only option.

I like this quote:


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