The button.

No 2 buttons are ever positioned in the exact same space as the other.  You might be side by side with another button that looks just like you, but you still have your own space to fill.

Every button has a button hole in order to ensure it has the ability to meet its designed purpose. 

Each button hole is made by the maker, and the maker ensures the button holes are sized to fit the buttons, and that they are aligned for a correct fit. 

Individually each button serves it’s purpose, but the combined work of all the buttons makes the garment fit and sit at its best. 

Likewise no two people have the same life purpose to fulfill.  You might look like you’re doing the same thing as somebody else, but you still have your own space (of influence) in which to outwork that purpose.

Everyone is made with a purpose in mind, and the maker has aligned everything for that perfect fit. Your button hole is there,  you just have to find it.  And when we’re all doing our own part, fulfilling the purpose for which we were made, then the space in which we live and work and play, is a better space for all.

Unlike the button, we are not an object and thus we have the ability to make the choice (or not) to find and fulfill our purpose.

For the button it is the thread that keeps it connected to the garment so that it can fulfil its purpose.  The button hole never goes anywhere.  But it’s when the thread of the button becomes weak through the stresses of wear and tear,  that the button is at risk of falling away from the garment, and thus losing its purpose.

May the thread of faith that holds you connected to your purpose,  never weaken through the daily wear and tear of life’s stresses, thereby putting you at risk of falling away.  But that the thread of faith should always be strong, ensuring that you remain connected to your purpose.

Be a button that through faith,  holds on tight and strong to the garment in order to fulfill it’s assigned purpose.

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