Sow & See!

It’s just gone the weekend of Adore Conference, the annual women’s conference at my local Enjoy Church.  The theme for which was ‘Sow and See’: to sow seeds (of love, kindness, etc) and see the results of our sowing.

So as is a recent part of my prep for church conferences . . . I went to my hairdresser (with artistic design skills) and had him shave the theme ‘Sow & See’ on the side of my head.

However, this time I didn’t factor in that the hair closer to the nape of my neck is lighter, and thus the ‘See’ while it just made it in the space, is (ironically) difficult to see, and un-readable by some.  ‘See’ kind of fades out at the base of the lettering.  One says “It just looks like swirls.”  Another can’t make out either of the words.  Some have to stand back to see it.  And my favourite: “It’s easy to see when you look at it from an artistic perspective.”

Sometimes life can be just like my head ‘Sow & . . . ‘ a big fat question mark.

We can sometimes feel like all we do is Sow & . . .  Sow & . . . Sow some more.  Only to be left wondering where is that which we desire to see?  And when will we see it?  And so our ability to ‘see’ what we are believing for, fades as a result of our discouragement.  We may even be tempted to stop sowing . . . but then the whole principle of ‘sowing and seeing’ is wiped out.  Not that our motive is to sow, so that we see (like we don’t give to get), but because sowing and seeing (reaping) is a principle, when we apply a principle, we can expect to see the results of that principle.

And so I wonder why is it, that for such a principle that ultimately has to bring a result, instead of:

Sow & See!  (with a bold exclamation point of certainty.)

Some of us instead have a:

Sow and See? (question mark mentality.)

And so I would ask:

To what or who did you exchange

what should be your confident declaration,

for that of (seemingly) reasonable doubt?

When by faith, we can in fact, stand in that of

‘beyond reasonable doubt!’

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