On this journey that is my life, I think two of the hardest aspects are: changing my thinking, and believing God (again).

Changing one’s total self-perception from what you’ve always believed, is like trying to remove a footprint made long ago in wet cement. But I know that learning to recognise the negative banter in my head, to stop that before it gets on a roll, and changing it for positive truth, is the key to my recovery.

Believing and trusting God . . . well I don’t even know where to begin with that one, other than to keep reminding Him (well, myself really), that I’m trusting Him, believing He knows and has the best for me, so PLEASE don’t mess me up any more than I already have done so myself.

It’s now Sunday evening and while writing this, I’ve been cooking cauliflower and onion soup on the stove ready for Monday and Tuesday night dinners at work.  Having given it adequate time to cool, I got up to put it through the bullet.  Seemingly, God can even use my cooking for his analogy:

“You feel like this cauliflower and onion.  Started out whole (seemingly), chopped up, pan fried, boiled in broth, allowed to rest while cooling (which was actually the preparation time), to then be pulverised in to liquid mush!” AWESOME ! ! !  Not funny God !  And in the same way those vegetables will never be whole again, you wonder if this also applies to you?” 

Hmmm . . . This would be true! And knowing how my soup usually turns out, served reheated with a dash of tahini . . . it’s adequate for me, but probably not adequate for anyone else.  Which reminds me of a line from ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ which I rented just last night:“You were always good enough for me.  The problem is that you were never good enough for yourself.”  Hmmm . . . this also rings true.  Do you ever feel set up by God???

And so the piece that follows came to me this morning (Sunday) on waking up.  I had bought the wooden BELIEVE over a year ago, and sat it on my television stand as a constant visual of encouragement from my couch.   Then several months ago now, one night while staring at it (as if fixating on it, would somehow engrave it in my head), I saw my ‘pull a part interpretation’ of the word, which gave me a different perspective, but I didn’t know what to do with it at that time.  A conversation with a friend a couple of nights ago encouraged me to explore it further, and Voila! . . .

Believing for better
Is to
Leave behind the latter.

For a healthier view
Of a better you!

For a better financial state
And for a life time mate.

But believing God
Is not the same as
Believing in God.

It’s a relational must
With the One in who you believe.
To have a foundation of trust,
For that which you hope to receive.

But don’t believe
 . . lie . .
. . . . eve
That is:
“By the serpent I was deceived!”
For which he was relieved!
As he
relie . . d
    . . . . eve .
to perceive the
. . lie . . .
as truth.

To fall in his trap of deception.
Choosing her own self destruction.
Distorting both: self and world perception.
Fulfilling the plan of his evil construction.

But as did Eve, you DO have a choice!
To take a stand, and declare with your voice!

“I REFUSE to believe your lies anymore!
STOP! dragging me down, making my heart sore.
I will not be deceived
Leading to my own self destruction
The thoughts once perceived
Are under re-construction.
I’m the Builder’s delight
With a better me in sight!”

If you’re on a journey that requires it, then be encouraged


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